Bust Program

In 2004, the Foundation began installing life size bronze busts of former Special Agent Camarena. Dozens of memorial busts have been placed in schools, libraries, and government facilities throughout the country. Busts are installed as a lasting memorial to all our nation’s fallen heroes in the struggle against drug trafficking and drug abuse.

Designed by Camarena family members, the bust is about 18″ tall, weighs approximately 48 pounds, and sits on a 12″ square black marble base that is 1 1/2″ thick. It normally takes about six weeks for a bust to be completed at our foundry. As bronze and foundry costs are constantly shifting, please inquire about cost and shipping.

We are currently also offering a bas relief plaque as well.

We urge you to join this project and sponsor installation of a memorial bust as a lasting tribute to those who have fallen in the line of duty, fighting drug trafficking and abuse. Contact us a call for more details, we have assisted several individuals and groups with arrangements.

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Bust Locations


Facility (Sponsor)

Date Installed



DEA Building (Anonymous)

September 17, 2004