Enrique S. Camarena Educational Foundation The mission of the Enrique “Kiki” S. Camarena Educational Foundation is to eradicate drug abuse in our nation’s youth and to honor fallen and injured heroes in the fight against illegal drugs. The Foundation accomplishes its mission through three drug abuse awareness programs: placement of memorial Camarena busts, scholarships for deserving high school seniors, and participation in the Red Ribbon Campaign. We believe youth achieve their highest potential for success in life when drug free. The Foundation hopes, by reintroducing Kiki's tragic death through placing representative bronze busts of Enrique Camarena in public schools and buildings, to capture the essence and legacy of the DEA Agent. We hope to rekindle the public awareness and indignation that was aroused in all of our fellow citizens in the months and years after that eventful day in February of 1985. The Foundation works to accomplish its mission as an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, public benefit corporation administered by a group of dedicated members. The Foundation relies solely upon public support and donations to achieve its mission. Empire State Building during Red Ribbon Week


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The Enrique S. Camarena Educational Foundation was founded to preserve and promote the sacrifices made by Special Agent “Kiki” Camarena as well as all law enforcement officers who have given their lives in fighting drug abuse. The foundation promotes drug-free education activities for our Nation’s youth. It has been nationally recognized that drug abuse is a self-destructive activity that also negatively impacts numerous lives, the educational process and our society. In 2005, the foundation established The Drug Abuse Education Scholarship Program in an effort to promote a discussion of drug-free lifestyles among our Nation’s youth. The annual scholarship program recognizes outstanding high school seniors who have exemplified the personal and educational lifestyles that promote success in the future as adults. The scholarship winners receive a $1,000 scholarship award for use in their college studies. The scholarship participants are evaluated on their participation in public or school service programs, their formal educational plans, their high school grade point average, two letters of recommendation as well as a written essay proposing an effective educational drug abuse prevention program for their school or their community.

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#CamarenaStrong Clubs

Students deserve to learn basic information about the hazards of substance abuse to them personally, to their families, to their schools, to their communities and to the world community. The establishment of the CamarenaStrong Club program is intended to help remedy that lack of education by harnessing the power of the students themselves to engage, educate and encourage their peers to live healthy and positive lifestyles.

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Dora Camarena Soto, Mother of Enrique ‘Kiki’ Camarena, Dies

The mother of Enrique Camarena passed away on August 30 at the age of 97. She is mourned by her family. For many years, she supported Red Ribbon Week and spoke about her son. The Camarena Education Foundation mourns her passing.

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