The Enrique S. Camarena Educational Foundation’s logo is composed of three elements closely tied to Kiki’s legacy.  The torch stands as a guiding light in drug abuse awareness; a shining beacon in an often dark world.  The red ribbon that wraps the torch invokes the 25-year, highly identifiable Red Ribbon Campaign. The logo’s central image represents both the torch’s flame, and also an eagle. The eagle born of flame, or phoenix, symbolizes a new era and rebirth. Rising from the ashes of Kiki’s, and so many tragic deaths and serious injuries, the Foundation, like the phoenix of mythology, represents hope and dream of a drug abuse free America.

In recognition of those who made the ultimate sacrifice, the Foundation presents the

The Foundation also honors those who have suffered serious injuries while serving in the line of duty, fighting drug traffickers.

We are honored to present the following first hand accounts, as graciously provided, by those injured while making a difference in the tragic world of drug abuse.